Workshop with West End star

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West End star, Peter Polycarpou, held a full day workshop at the Angles Theatre, Wisbech, for aspiring RATzcool students.

He was full of admiration for the drive and determination the students had, to take on board everything he said and to work tirelessly towards making their performance the best they could.

After 33 years in the West End, there was much background, insight and detail Peter was able to share with the students.

He was originally booked to take a workshop during the build-up to the Angles Theatre’s RATz Youth Easter production of Miss Saigon Schools Edition but a work offer came along.

Peter, famed for his nine-year television role as Chris Theodopolopoudos in ‘Birds of a Feather’, went on to be in the original cast of the now classic Les Miserable, followed by a variety of West End roles.

The RATzcool students worked through a number of songs from a variety of musicals and performed some of their work to parents.