Awards time at Cromwell

Cromwell College Chatteris Prize giving rehearsal
Cromwell College Chatteris Prize giving rehearsal

Hardworking pupils at Cromwell Community College have been recognised at the school’s annual prizegiving ceremony.

Students and their families packed the sports hall on Wednesday for the ceremony, which sees effort and achievement recognised in all subjects at the school.

Personal Learning Thinking Skills (PLTS) Champion awards were presented to John Aitchison and Max Flint from Year 7, Jess Fryett from Year 8 and Saffron Covill from Year 9.

Key Stage 3 subject prizes were awarded to: Lucy Saunders and Sam Lovell for Art; Sophie Dawson and Nathan Butler for Drama; Nathan Butler, Saule Ziogelyte and Liam Valle for English Language; Lucy Saunders, Kira-Jade Hayes and Rocky Ashton for English Literature; Saffron Covill and Rachael Thorne for French; Laura Davidson and Vaida Murrell for Geography; Saffron Covill and Katie Donkin for History; Laura Davidson and Saffron Covill for ICT; Tara Herbert, Rebecca Holt, Nathan Butler and Richard Bullock for Mathematics; Saffron Covill, Sam Perry, Kira-Jade Hayes and Ben Moat for Music; Rebecca Fogarty, Roxanne Cutler, Matthew Foy and Callium Watson for PE; Karoline Kapitonovaite and Saffron Covill for Philosophy and Ethics; Megan Eshelby and Tye Richardson for PSHEE; Frances Eastol and Bryonie Cooper for Science; Lucy Saunders, Rachael Thorne, Tye Richardson, Nathan Blackmore, Dean Baxter, Ryan Ducker, Kira-Jade Hayes and Rhiannon Marshall for Technology.

Year 12 subject prizes were awarded to: Saffron Saunderson, Molly Fisher and Shannon Herbert for Art; Caitlyn Wilby for Biology; Natalia O’Gorman for Chemistry; Shannon Herbert and Lauren Stevenson for English; Jessica Goodman for Extended Project Qualification; Jessica Goodman for Geography; Shannon Herbert for Government and Politics; Shannon Munns and Emma Tall for Health and Social Care; Poppy Wade for History; Matthew Halmshaw and Chelsea Miller for ICT; Molly Eastol and James Williams for Mathematics; Lauren Stevenson for PE; Saffron Saunderson for Philosophy and Ethics; Phillippa English for Product Design; Jessica Goodman and Cherry Cooke for Psychology; Tom Russell for Public Services; Molly Fisher for Textiles Art and Design.

A number of individual prizes were also given: The Rotary Club of Chatteris Trophy for Art and Design, Sylvia Wilson; The Karl Allen Memorial Trophy for Cricket, Joshua Fox; The John Lowey Trophy for Achievement in Art, Lucy Saunders; The Chatteris Women’s Guild Trophy for the most promising girl in Science and Technology, Laura Baker and Paige Greenslade; The Mary Dordery Trophy for Geography Coursework, Laura Baker; Cup for Services to Music – Upper School, Jake Saunders and Callum Welling, and Lower School, Lucey Simpson; Musician of the Year, Sophie Frear; Malcolm Evans Cup for Singing, Sophie Dawson; Most Significant Contribution to the Music Department, James Hedley; Neville Angell Trophy for Achievement in Modern Languages, Eve Gladwin; Roger Coulthurst Outstanding Achievement Award, George Oldale; The Mary Darby Award for Contribution for the Sixth Form, Bobby Hughes; The Harlock Award for Endeavour, Dean Mead; Education Welfare Officer Attendance Award, Kieran Dunstan, Oliver Kerse and Samuel Pettican-Runnicles; Achievement in Library Skills, Jessica Stanbridge; Development in Library Skills, Kira-Jade Hayes; The Stanton Award for Services to the Community, Rebecca Everitt, Stephen Foot, Matthjis Nooteboom, Ashleigh King and Tinotenda Chizah.

The governors trophy for outstanding contribution for the year group was presented to Abigail Rolfe (Year 7), James Asher (Year 8), Sophie Dawson (Year 9), Laura Garner (Year 10) and Isabel Barker (Year 11).

The Gold Arts Award was given to Rebecca Everitt and Charlie Wallis.

The new head boy is Isaac Smy, with deputy Jack Rooney. The new head girl is Lydia Kay, with deputies Danielle Buttriss and Molly Prior. Senior prefects were also announced.