‘Big cat’ spotted near town

A MARCH man couldn’t believe his eyes as he drove to work in the early hours of Monday and spotted what he believes is Fenland’s big cat.

Kieran Chatten spotted the animal as he turned off the A47 at the roundabout at the top of Cromwell Road, Wisbech at around 4.30am.

The father-to-be was heading to Premier Foods factory at Long Sutton.

He said: “As I came up to the roundabout this big animal came out in front of me.

“It was very big and was not at all spooked by my car. I must admit at first thought I must be hallucinating because it was so early in the morning.

“But I had a really good look at it, it was almost like I was at a safari park it was so close. But when I stopped the car in the hope of filming it on my mobile it took off like a bullet.

“My first thought is it was a Leopard, but it could have been a Lynx or something like that.”

Kieran’s sighting is an area where there have been numerous other reports of big cat sightings in recent years.

Among the most significant was one by a milkman on his way to work at the Dairy Crest dairy at Begdale last year.

And Woodhouse Farm Park at Friday Bridge also reported a sheep being killed by what a vet described as a large animal. around the same time.

Workmen carrying out work on the flood defences on South Brink also reported seeing large footprints in the snow.

However, there have been very few sightings over the summer months.

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