MP Steve backs campaign

Steve Barclay
Steve Barclay
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Fenland MP Steve Barclay is backing a nationwide campaign to ensure a fairer deal for local pubs and independent breweries.

Mr Barclay joined 170 fellow Members of Parliament in supporting The Fair Deal for Your Local Campaign, which is backing Government action to protect licensee landlords’ profits from excessive rents and high beer prices levied by large pub chains.

The Government’s plans include an official code of practice for big pub companies as well as the introduction of a powerful new adjudicator to give licensee landlords much-needed protection.

Currently, the heavy licence rates demanded by large pub companies are leading to the closure of 26 local pubs every week across the UK.

Mr Barclay said: “Local pubs and our excellent local breweries deserve a fair share of the profits that the large pub companies take from their products. Local pubs serve a vital function in village and small town communities, and landlords shouldn’t have to struggle to stay afloat when big chains are profiting.

“That’s why I’m backing the proposals for greater legal protection and industry-wide standards for local landlords and brewers.

“It is not a fair deal that 57% of pub landlords who have signed a license with a big pub company stand to earn less than £10,000 a year on average whilst the chain continues to cream off big profits. These new protections could mean that the average licensed-tied pub is at least £4,000 better off every year.”

The UK’s thriving industry in small-scale brewers also stands to get a boost from the plans as 1000 small brewers who are currently locked out of supplying local pubs would be able to make their beers more widely available to pub customers.

For more information on the Fair Deal for Your Local Campaign or to lend your support local pubs and brewers, visit