Church wants to know how Chatteris residents feel about their town

A new opinion survey is being launched in Chatteris to find out how residents feel about their town.

Members of St Peter and St Paul’s Church are spearheading the survey and will be making their way around Chatteris during August and September to gather opinions.

Rev Wendy Thomson said: “We are interested in what residents think and the best way to find out is to ask them. There is a lot to celebrate in our town and there are probably just as many suggestions about how to improve things. We hope that this survey will give a more people a voice and help us work together for a stronger community.”

There are many groups already operating in the town and the church is keen to find out how many people are involved. And if there is anything lacking in the town that residents want to see, it is hoped the church can either help or at least give residents a voice in the ear of those who can change things.

The main survey work will be carried out by volunteers going door-to-door, but there will also be an opportunity to fill out the survey online. It will be available at in the next couple of weeks. The online version will be more in-depth.