Did you see UFO?

STRANGE lights and saucer-shapes were spotted in Wisbech's skies on Wednesday.

Alison Hunt, of Cherry Road, noticed an orange glow above her while in her back garden at 9.20pm.

She said: "At first I thought it was just a reflection from the street lights, but then I looked up.

"It was quite big, about the size of a full moon, and was extremely bright."

Mrs Hunt, who tried to film the sighting but could not find her video recorder, then ran to get her partner.

Out of the spare bedroom window, the sightings were 'even stranger', white lights appearing to move off the side of the orange glow.

She added: "It did not look like a helicopter or anything like that, as it was saucer shaped and then the whole sighting just disappeared.

"It did not even move away, it just vanished."

The sighting, which created no noise, has left Mrs Hunt questioning what it was she saw.

She said: "If anyone in the area has seen anything like this I would love to know - it really was so strange."

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