Parents’ anger over bus change

A GROUP of parents have hit out at a decision to change the company operating buses to a special school.

The contract for buses to Meadowgate School, in Wisbech, has changed hands and following the school holidays next week, it will be operated by a different company.

The group of parents from Chatteris are very concerned about the potential affect on the children, many of who have autism. They have even offered to potentially pick up the bill to keep the existing company – Parkers of Wisbech – if the decision was based on money.

One mother, whose daughter has used the bus for 11 years, said: “The woman who drives the bus at the moment has been on there a long time. She knows the children. A lot of them have complex medical problems and she can spot possible signs of a problem because she knows them so well.”

Some of the children also have communication difficulties, but the mum said the driver knows what they’re saying.

“None of the parents have ever been invited to the meetings to discuss this,” she added. “We haven’t been able to have our say.”

A spokesperson from Cambs County Council said: “We understand parents’ concerns, but we are confident that with the support of their parents and teachers, the children who feel they might be affected will be able to cope with the changes. The school and the local authority have an important role in helping these young people prepare for and manage change, and we are committed to helping them achieve this.

“We are required to review bus contracts on a regular basis in order to achieve best value and meet stringent quality and safety requirements.

“We would always consider the views of parents before a change is agreed, and this has been done. As with any new transport arrangement, this one will be kept under careful review.”