Get your compliments ready for the first National Feel Good Day tomorrow

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Latest News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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National Feel Good Day is launching tomorrow (Friday) across the UK, where the entire nation is being called upon to dedicate time to paying compliments to friends, family and strangers alike and to celebrate feeling good.

On National Feel Good Day, the men and women of Britain are encouraged to give out verbal compliments, post words of praise on to friend’s Facebook walls or send sincere compliments via twitter using the hashtags #feelgoodday and #feelgood - all in aid of producing a country of cheerful and complimentary Britons.

In honour of National Feel Good Day, research commissioned by Transform Cosmetic Surgery, has found that nearly half of all Brits (47.4%) feel that receiving a compliment would brighten up their day and cause them to bounce off the walls with happiness – with 44.3% further stating that it would lift them out of any mood they were in.

Top of the compliments list was being told you look younger than you are, which put a Cheshire cat smile on 43.3% of peoples’ faces and being told your hair looks nice, which made 36.7% feel good.

Other day-changing compliments were being praised by peers, which left one third of adults chuffed with themselves, and getting a cheeky wolf whistle from passers-by gave a sixth of all adults a bounce in their steps.

The city most likely to give over 10 compliments a month to people they know was Liverpool (45.1%), highlighting that the northern charm isn’t just all for show, closely followed by Belfast (38.9%) and Plymouth (36.7%).

Despite all this, giving out compliments is actually a rare feat for most Brits, with one sixth of adults stating that they never give compliments to people they know and 48.6% claiming the same with regards to strangers. This is even though over half of all respondents stated they were quite confident and so by no means coy at handing out a kind word or two – and furthermore, one third said complimenting others made them feel good.

The most Scrooge-like city with their compliments was Cardiff, with a good fifth of Cardiffians ranking low amongst those who offer people they know praise or admiration and this was closely followed by Glasgow with 18.7% and Manchester at 17.8%.

Other tragic facts saw only one fifth of all respondents giving out 10-20 compliments a month to friends, family and colleagues, with a mere 5.1% taking the time to offer words of praise to strangers. On the receiving end, the same amount of respondents received 10-20 compliments a month from people they knew yet an even smaller number said they received positive affirmation from strangers, at just 2.2%.

The research has uncovered some depressing stats on how little time the nation as a whole takes to help each other feel good with something as simple as a compliment. This is despite comments on how great it can feel when someone sends words of admiration or approval towards them.

Transform is therefore championing the day that people feel at their best and launching the National Feel Good Day as a means for people to spread positive feelings and ultimately feel good. Results have shown this day to be Friday, where one sixth of Brits get that ‘Friday Feeling’ at the end of a long working week.

Commenting on the findings and National Feel Good Campaign, Steven Taylor, Marketing Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery said: “The research has brought to light just how important it is to compliment each other and ultimately spread positive thoughts and feelings. We should spend more time telling our loved ones and peers how great they’re looking and even praising them for great work or simply looking up to smile at a stranger.

“The National Feel Good Day is part of our wider campaign to inspire the nation to feel good about themselves, and celebrate their own achievements, however small. We want to highlight all our findings and continue to produce a nation of confident and complimentary Britons. We are therefore dedicating a whole day to giving and receiving compliments and we hope everyone gets involved and becomes part of our Feel Good Campaign.”

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