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THE British Red Cross is working with a number of local Boots UK pharmacies in Wisbech and March to support patients who have recently come out of hospital.

The two organisations have recognised that there is a need to encourage patients to check their hospital prescriptions with their own doctors when returning home.

Hina Patel, Boots UK pharmacist at the Old Market, Wisbech, store wants all patients to check with their doctors that any revisions made to prescriptions are correctly recorded and ensure that old medicines are disposed of properly. The British Red Cross Care in the home service in Fenland provides help to people when they come out of hospital, after an accident or a life changing experience and this prompting is a service many find useful.

Hina said, “We understand that patients can be confused about which medicines they should be taking when being sent home from hospital. Our stores in The Old Market, De Havilland Road, 98 Norfolk Street, Walsoken, Broad Street and Riverside in March are working with the British Red Cross over the next few months to provide patients with information about the support available.”

Ian Jones, British Red Cross service co-ordinator of Care in the Home scheme in Fenland said: “This is an excellent example of how organisations within the area of health and social care can work together to improve the service provided to their customers and beneficiaries. We hope that the leafleting will raise the awareness of the British Red Cross support that is available to people experiencing difficulty in coping at home after a traumatic period in their lives.”

The British Red Cross will be monitoring the response to the leafleting with the hope of extending the pilot throughout Fenland.