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Business woman Julia Alemany-Bird is holding a ‘Tea, Cakes and Spanish Horses’ afternoon to raise funds for Heart Rhythm Week after recovering from heart problems herself.

Her Horse Human Harmony business at Molls Drove, Friday Bridge, will host the charity fundraiser on June 8 from 2pm to 5pm as part of the awareness week being organised by the charity, Heart Arrhythmia Alliance.

There is a £2 admission and visitors can meet Julia’s Spanish stallion, Bizarro, and his companion, Yamao. There will be information on how to do a simple pulse check and a raffle.

Julia was diagnosed with Heart Arrhythmia in 1998 when her resting heart rate, or pulse, was measured at up to 275 beats a minute. The normal range for an adult is 60-100.

“People who have experienced an irregular heart-beat, or heart palpitations, may not be aware that it can be a sign of a serious and life-threatening condition,

“This event aims to raise awareness of the importance of monitoring the heartbeat and will demonstrate how physical contact with animals such as horses, can help to regulate and calm the heart rate.”

More details on the event from 07588 182706 or email: yeguada@alemany-bird.co.uk