Steve is Leverington’s biggest loser – of weight, that is!

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STEVE Clarke from the Leverington Slimming World group has achieved two top awards at his group after losing an incredible 4st 5lbs in only 39 weeks.

He has been crowned Leverington’s Greatest Loser and Man of the Year by other slimmers at the group.

At 6”5 and at his heaviest, Steve always felt people were staring at him and he used to shy away from the public eye. Health problems had put the family’s annual holiday in jeopardy and something had to be done.

“Being male, I felt there was a stigma about attending a club, but I was made to feel very welcome and not embarrassed at all. I enjoy the support and ideas that I receive from staying to group,” said Steve, from Parson Drove.

Now Steve is feeling full of confidence, full of energy and full of life.

His Slimming World consultant Vanessa Read said: “We’re all extremely proud of Steve and despite the losing the weight, he’ll always be a great asset in our group. He’s always keen to chip in with recipes and top tips for experimenting with food.”

Steve said his goal was to ride on the front row of a rollercoaster as the last time he went to Orlando in Florida, he had to queue for the ‘larger’ seats. To his delight, he has achieved his goal several times and shared the proof on Facebook.

He has also seen a marked improvement in his cricket playing and added: “Since losing weight I am able to be more active in the field, my batting is a lot better and I can bowl better and still feel fresher in the field.”

If you are interested in losing weight you can contact Vanessa on 07789-074050 or come along to the Leverington Slimming World group at 5.30pm or 7.30pm every Thursday at the Sports & Social Club, Church Road. Alternatively, look online for a group near you at