High standard at Fenland Show

Sport News from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Sport News from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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Fenland Equestrian Centre was attended for a showing show and saw a high standard of competitors.

There are still dates in coming months for those looking to qualify for other events. The centre runs dressage, showing and show jumping every month, as well as clinics. On August 25 the centre is holding its second anniversary open day, which saw over 1,000 people attend last year. There will be many displays and demonstrations, a market and an opportunity to ask questions of the experts.

Anyone wishing to have a stall or participate should contact Fenland Equestrian Centre on 01945 466617.


In-Hand Classes. Best Turned - 1 Kate Able (King Master), 2 Gina Latimer (Colliyers Penny Wise), 3 Amy Alexander (Jan Jan), 4 Laura Oughton- Auker (Merribridge Handsome). Young stock - 1 Gina Latimer (Colliyers Penny Wise), 2 Brian Richardson (Matilda Plum), 3 Kate Able (King Master Chetwynd), 4 Sadie Woodhouse (Triple B), 5 Fiona Bryant (Bonefide Allision). Cob - 1 Dan Marsden (Rambo Jack), 2 Sadie Woodhouse (Just Charlie), 3 Clare Barcroft (Downton Abbey), 4 Jenny Plumb (Moodle), 5 Emma Hunt (Paddy’s Luck), 6 Katherine Elvin (Prince), 7 Tamzin Speir (Just Toby). Riding Horse - 1 Dan Marsden (Be No Ban), 2 Katherine Elvin (Prince), 3 H Baker (Harley), 4 Kerry Wright (Empire Dancer).

Open - 1 Jane Ripley (Willoway True Faith), 2 Mrs M Johnson (Pettron), 3 Laura Oughton-Auker (Merribridge Handsome), 4 Emma Hunt (Paddy’s Luck). Novice - 1 Mrs Johnson (Pettron), 2 Clare Barcroft (Downton Abbey), 3 Jenny Plumb (Moodle), 4 Alisa Carter (Lulu), 5 Emma Hayle (Cayberry Passion), 6 Rebecca Furr (Tara), 7 Katherine Elvin (Prince). Veteran 15+ - 1 Kerry Wright (Rainstorm Autumn Affair), 2 Dan Marsden (Be No Ban), 3 Karen Clarke (The Crafty Fox), 4 Alisa Carter (Lulu), 5 Tamzin Speir (Just Toby). M & M Open - 1 Gina Latimer (Colliyers Penny Wise), 2 Laura Oughton-Auker (Merribone Huntsman), 3 Cory Adams (Macdougaldene), 4 Emma Hayle (Cayberry Passion), 5 Victoria Crosby (Yohan Craignetherty), 6 D Sutton (Brwmstan Fern). Coloureds - 1 Claire Miller (Hoollywood Splash), 2 Brian Richardson (Matilda Plum), 3 J Nelson (Pride Rock Misty Morning), 4 Emma Hunt (Paddy’s Luck), 5 Atlanta Neville (Euro), 6 Tamzin Speir (Just Toby). Part-Breeds 1 Amy Alexandra (Jan Jan), 2 Laura Oughton-Auker (Merribridge Handsome). Best Handler U16 - 1 Abi Dalliday (Greendown Dew Drop), 2 Atlanta Neville (Euro). Best Handler 16+ - 1 Laura Oughton Auker (Merrybridge), 2 Rebecca Furr (Tara). In-hand champion Gina Latimer. Reserve champion Kerry Wright.

Ridden - Tack & Turnout 1 Imogen Gale (Black Mountain Smokey Bear). Lead Rein/First Ridden 1 Imogen Gale (Black Mountain Smokey Bear), 2 Abi Dalliday (Greendown Drew Drop). Ridden Part Breeds - 1 H Baker (Furiozo XIII), 2 Karen Clarke (The Crafty Fox). Cob - 1 Hazel Sleigh (Skip The Skip), 2 Teressa Nicholls (Corbally), 3 Dan Mersden (Rambo Jack), 4 Zoe Clarke (Lulu), 5 Clare Barcroft (Downton Abbey), 6 Lynne Pudsley (Narriors Blue Flash). Riding Horse - 1 Dan Marsden (Be No Ban), 2 Lisa Crossland (Missy), 3 Rebecca Tickner (Granette), 4 Lynn Davis Pannell (Corrib Buoy), 5 H Baker (Furiozo XIII). Novice - 1 Lynne Pudsley, 2 Georgina Lane (Dibley Dynamite), 3 Sarah Chambers (Corscarron Dafydd Llwydd), 4 Lynn Davis Pannell (Corrib Buoy). Veteran - 1 Dan Marsden (Be No Ban), 2 Sharron Eldred (D J), 3 Gabrielle Williams (Rambo Jack), 4 Rebecca Hayle (Miss Molly), 5 Zoe Clarke (Lulu), 6 Rebecca Tickner (Granette). Open - 1 Cory Adams (Macdougaldene), 2 Sharon Eldred (D J), 3 H Baker (Rio), 4 Teressa Nicholls (Corbally). Coloureds - 1 Claire Miller (Hollywood Splash), 2 H Baker (Furiozo XIII), 3 Georgina Lane (Dibley Dynamite). M & M Open - 1 Cory Adams (Macdougaldene). Junior Rider Under 16 - 1 Rebecca Hayle (Miss Molly), 2 Abi Dalliday (Greendown Dew Drop). Senior Rider over 16 - 1 Teressa Nicholls (Corbally). Ridden champion - Dan Marsdon. Reserve champion - Cory Adams.