HOLIDAY: 'No regrets' for TV swap family

THE Baker family have no regrets about their experiences on the popular television series Holiday Showdown, they said last week.

Teresa and John Baker and their two daughters Rhiannon (9) and Michaela (8), pictured, of Tydd Gote, were seen entertaining the Armes family, from Exeter, to a holiday banger racing in King's Lynn and Skegness on ITV last Wednesday night.

But while the Bakers, who run Tydd Garage, went on to enjoy the Armes family's ideal holiday experience of trekking in the Moroccan desert – they did it alone.

For the first time in the show's history, the programme resulted in the two families falling out to such an extent the Armes' packed up their people carrier car and went home half-way through the banger racing break.

There was friction from the outset, with Amanda Armes taking exception to the cramped caravan accommodation and refusing to tuck into canned food bought by Teresa to feed the two families.

But the final straw came when John and Teresa both told off Amanda and her husband Jonathan's two sons, Toby (8) and Ollie (10), following an incident with their two girls.

The Bakers told all four children off, but Ollie refused to accept he had done anything wrong and was very upset following the incident.

Amanda took exception to the way John and Teresa dealt with the situation and she refused to go on with the holiday and left almost immediately to go home.

That left the Bakers to continue with the show alone and to go off to Morocco – the first time Rhiannon and Michaela had ever been on a plane.

Speaking after the show was screened, Teresa said: "I never want to see that family again. They moaned about the tinned food and said they were fed up with eating processed food – but the truth is we never ate any of the tinned food.

"The first night we ate in a restaurant, the second night the filming over-ran and took so long we ended up having a burger at the race track and on the third day we had fish and chips on the beach.

"And the real joke is that when we went to the desert – which was their holiday choice – we had tinned food," said Teresa.

"Amanda kept whinging about the showers and she complained about the size of the caravan, and she just didn't seem to want to join in. Her husband seemed to want to give it a go," she added.

The Bakers were daunted by the idea of the desert trek, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience and said they would love to go back and do it again – if they could ever afford it.

"It was a very expensive trip. But the desert was magical and we would love to go and spend more time there. The trip was a bit hectic," said Teresa.

The Armes family said they regretted not going to Morocco but felt they had made the right decision for their children.