‘Indies’ boost local economy

One of the independent shops in Market Street, Wisbech
One of the independent shops in Market Street, Wisbech

Just off the Market Place in Wisbech, opposite the entrance to Horsefair and on your way to the Crescent and the Library, is Market Street, which, along with Hill Street and the roads leading to it, is an Indie Retail area.

Independent retailers are often family run, led by enthusiasts bringing a real buzz to a town and keeping the economy local – those who work there, live there and spend there. (Just search for “shop local” online and find the many projects and marketing campaigns aimed at supporting the local economy, and why it’s important).

Craft items available in Market Street, Wisbech

Craft items available in Market Street, Wisbech

I want to visit all Fenland’s indie retailers and feature them as I’ve previously discussed, but this week, I’m featuring Market Street as it’s got one family leaving, and another recently arrived.

The family leaving, after five years creating a well-loved shop, is Joanne, Jennifer and Margaret. Joanne set up Button Up and Stitch.

The shop provides a vast array of fabric and haberdashery and Joanne, her daughter and mother had a wealth of experience and advice for their customers. They’re now all ready to move on, and Joanne is already enjoying new work, and the novelty of not working at weekends!

Jennifer is off to university, and Margaret looking to enjoy a well-earned retirement. I’m sure we all wish them luck, and it will be strange, but good, to see new owners take over, so we can still get our fabric fix without travelling too far!

The family moving into Market Street is Sarah and her husband Axel, running Sarah’s Flowers, almost opposite. An experienced florist, Sarah is offering not only the usual services, but opportunities to learn how to do it yourself, a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Sarah’s work comes highly recommended, and having met her and Axel, I think they are a great addition to the indie retailers of Wisbech – enthusiastic about their work, as well as what they can do to support the town.

Market Street also has the Emporium, vintage treasures and unusual gifts; also a cafe, which I must visit soon – what a fantastic little street! Short notice I know, but I had to mention – there’s a lap harp course tomorrow at the Rosmini Centre.

Sounds like a wonderful instrument!

Email or phone them now if you’re interested

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