It’s black and white - these cats need homes

THE RSPCA Cambridgeshire Mid East Branch is desperately trying to rehome a number of black cats in its care.

Branch staff have said that rehoming has been very difficult over the past few months, and there are currently more cats coming in to the branch than are being found new homes.

The branch covers the areas of March, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots and surrounding villages

Of the 11 cats currently being cared for at the branch, nine are black in colour, and sadly it is proving quite difficult to find them all new owners.

However, these black and black/white cats are loving and affectionate, and will make excellent pets for anybody interested in adopting an animal.

Marion Lovegrove of the branch said: “We have so many lovely cats who are finding it difficult to be rehomed because their fur colour is not in high demand any more.

“It is a real shame because I see how friendly and affectionate they are, and they just want to be loved like any other cat.

“If anybody is considering getting a new pet I would urge them to get in contact with us and see what we have to offer. The animals we care for are all in such desperate need of a second chance, and it is a great feeling helping an animal in need.

“We always appreciate the continued support of the public, and as a branch we could not exist without this help.”

Jake is one of the black cats in the branch, and has been looking for a new home for more than half a year.

He is a lovely and affectionate animal who came in to RSPCA care after being abandoned by his previous owner, and he is desperately looking for a new person to love him. He was picked up from the March area.

Another cat looking to be adopted is Pushka. Who is a long-haired black cat and is very easy to groom. She is a very friendly and sociable animal, but she is a house cat. She came from the March area.

Tom came from the Huntingdon area, it was originally thought he may have a heart murmur, but after being examined by a vet it appears it was just down to the stress of going to the vet which caused his problems. He is around two years old.

Anyone interested in offering one of these cats a new home is urged to call 01487-824501 or email