Flooding in Wisbech

Waiting for Video...

There was traffic chaos in Wisbech just a few minutes ago as flood water went over the walled defences in some places lapping on to local roads and dangerously close to homes and businesses.

Water from the River Nene also seeped out of manholes and drains in the roads leading towards the port area with what looked like several inches in the grounds of one wood yard.

Onlookers added to the chaos as they waited and watched the rising water. One source commented to the Citizen how irresponsible some parents were by letting their children sit on the defence wall as they watched the highest water levels rise in the town for many years.

Citizen photographer Adam Fairbrother captured these pictures and video footage take in North Brink, South Brink and the Quay areas.

The floodgates were closed earlier in the evening near the port and drivers and pedestrians were still trying to get through despite signs saying road closed. People gathered on Freedom Bridge and watched as the water levels rose but didn’t go over the structure.

The next water warning is for around 8am tomorrow (Friday) when a similar picture is expected to unfold.




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