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WISBECH needs you! That’s the message from a newly formed group aimed at winning the town the infrastructure and investment it needs.

Campaigners have launched WIN - Wisbech Infrastructure Now - off the back of Wisbech 2020 and news the project backed by Fenland and Cambridgeshire councils will not include improvements to transport in the town despite being top of a wish-list drawn up by multiple workshops.

County council leader Nick Clarke ruled out dualling of the A47 and any other infrastructure improvements for at least 20 years at last month’s 2020 Summit at the Boathouse leaving those present disappointed and angry.

As a result a band of volunteers have decided “enough is enough” and will be on Wisbech Market Place this Saturday asking residents to sign-up to WIN.

Among the campaigners is Virginia Bucknor who explained the fight will be non-political and is aimed at getting Wisbech the investment it desperately needs to thrive and grow and the Citizen has pledged its support to WIN.

“It is a chance for everybody in Wisbech to stand up and support their town. We don’t want to dismiss the 2020 Vision because some good will come out of that. But we know that infrastructure is essential for the town’s future growth. Planning infrastructure takes many years and to say it won’t even be considered until 2030 is not good enough. We need to start looking at it now,” said Mrs Bucknor.

Fellow campaigner David Prestidge said: “I really love Wisbech. I just feel it has so many good things about it but we owe it to the town and its people not to ignore things that are wrong, it is no good putting our heads in the sand if you want something positive to happen.”

His views were echoed by John White and Robert MacLaren.

Mr White said: “We do really need more infrastructure and I’m very concerned that if we don’t get anything in 2020 it’s not going to happen.”

Mr MacLaren commented: “Everybody is talking about the infrastructure and how bad the roads are. They reckon it could be at least 18 years before anything is done and that is not acceptable.”

WIN will also focus on trying to encourage more to be done about Wisbech’s derelict buildings, another issue highlighted by 2020 Vision.

Mrs Bucknor hopes the whole community will sign up and she is also aiming to get businesses on board too.

Michael Bucknor said: “The voice of the people of Wisbech must be heard at every level from Town Council, District, County and national level so we hope that every councillor and our MP will sign up with the residents to support our aims to WIN.

“The decision-makers need to see the support from the people of Wisbech. That’s why we need your voice, your signature, your support. Wisbech must be the priority.”




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