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seanhanna salon group is renowned for its bespoke hairdressing experience offering signature haircuts and its latest addition is the Connexion Cut.

Developed by the salon group’s creative team and headed up by the creative director of seanhanna salon group, Skyler McDonald, signature haircuts at seanhanna offer the customer a unique style which they would not obtain in any other hairdressing salon.

The Connexion cut is a reverse take on a traditional layered haircut. Where a usual haircut will have longer layers at the back and shorter layers at the front, Connexion cut turns the process around.

This makes the hair shorter and more voluminous around the crown but connects the layers with the desired hair length while maintaining it’s overall thickness. In turn the layers at the front get longer rather than shorter sustaining the desired hair length at the sides yet giving a cascading layered effect rather than a sharp step.

The style is designed for a woman who wants to add some edge to her hair cut and go for a trend lead look yet maintain the length, thickness and versatility to style the hair. The cut is easy to manage and maintain, the Connexion layering technique means the hair is responsive to different styling techniques.

The geometric approach to layering system means that this cut works for mid to long, curly or straight hair, with or without a fringe and is perfect for adding volume and bounce to hair which lacks life and movement.

“The Connexion Cut is possibly one of my favourite haircuts ever. Unique to seanhanna salons it is genuinely a brilliant and versatile haircut giving clients the chance to have something fresh and interesting whilst maintaining length and weight.

“It’s perfect for clients who want to maintain length or even grow their hair without sacrificing style or imagination. The technique also helps to make the style more manageable,” said Sean Hanna.

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