Reward after caravan theft

Reward offered for this stolen caravan
Reward offered for this stolen caravan
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Owners of stolen caravan are offering a £1,000 reward in a bid to get it back and are warning others to be on the guard.

The couple from Three Holes, who don’t want to be named, are devastated by the theft, which happened in broad daylight on Mudd Drove on Friday June 28.

They have invested their savings in the unusual Eldiss Amberley 2006 four-berth caravan, which is worth around £9,000, and rely on it as a means of escape as the man is disabled and has difficulty walking.

A team of thieves were captured on CCTV at the couple’s home as they carried out the theft, which happened at 11.47am. The couple discovered the crime when they returned from visiting a relative on Wednesday (July 3).

“It is like watching a Formula One team, there were four men and they all seemed to have their own allocated role. One was going round putting up the legs, another was using cutting equipment to cut through the hitch lock, another was hitching it to the car and another was removing the wheel clamp.

“They were driving a silver Mitsubishi Warrior 4x4 and there was also a reddish coloured smaller car with them. The cameras caught them driving up and down the road. They then parked a little way up the road and came and knocked on the door, but we were away. Once they had checked there was no one home they came back with the vehicle and went to work. It only took them a matter of minutes to carry out the theft. They were very professional,” said the woman.

Unfortunately the caravan was not insured, but it had distinctive luminous hand stickers on the back. It also appears to have suffered a leak at the back where the rear panel joins the sides, and this has been sealed with silicon.

“Obviously we would like those responsible to be caught, but we are more interested in getting our caravan back so if anyone can help please call 07548736844 and the person will get their reward once we have collected the caravan,” said the man.