Speed skating and cycle track plans for Wisbech Town

G/V of Wisbech FC ANL-161201-084451009
G/V of Wisbech FC ANL-161201-084451009
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National speed skating and cycling events could be held at the Elgood’s Fenland Stadium if new exciting new plans to create a track come together.

Wisbech Town Football Club and Sport England could be funding plans to transform an unused training pitch at the stadium in Lynn Road, Walsoken.

Speed skating is a growing sport in this country and the proposal is hoped to boost the economy in Fenland by attracting supporters from across the country.

Local skating and cycling clubs are booming and it is hoped their members would use the new tracks. The Federation of Inline Speed Skating is overseeing the planning application, which has been lodged with West Norfolk Council.

The design and access statement says: “The land for the proposed development is currently owned by WTFC, and was previously used as a football training pitch. The pitch is now surplus to requirements and the skating club have been able to secure a lease for the land.

“It has always been the ambition of WTFC to attract other sports to utilise the land and the skating/cycling clubs have been looking for a site for some time, thus making this an ideal venture for both parties.

“It is proposed the facility will be used by the local skating and cycling clubs, it will also be available to schools and the local community, creating a real asset for the area.”

The track would be flat with a five degree banking at the corners, along with safety fencing.

It is hoped the site would be used for practice days, competitions, along with events for local clubs and schools.

The application adds: “The club’s ambition is to hold a small number of national skating race events, managed and supported by the Federation of Inline Speed Skating with the possibility of European events in the future, managed and supported by the European governing body.

“Schools and other local communities will also be able use the facility, thus contributing to a much-needed improvement in the obesity statistics for the local area. The club also propose to provide access to skates for newcomers, helping to generate interest and increase club numbers.

“The track also brings with it economic benefits – race meetings are national events and bring people into the area who will use local facilities such as shops and hotels. It will provide a means for local children and adults to experience an exciting sport (both skating and track cycling) which is very family oriented. Cycling on a track is also far safer than road racing.”