TRANSPORT: 'Where is promised link road?'

A March resident has hit out at the slow progress of the promised 'link road' to relieve traffic in Norwood Road.

Coupled with plans by Network Rail to turn the former Whitemoor marshalling yards into a major distribution centre, the resident said promises were made for the long-awaited link road from Hostmoor to Hundred Road.

The resident, who lives in Norwood Road, claimed people were told the road would be in place before works started on the rail site.

The resident said householders have had to put up with heavy traffic to both the site and nearby household recycling centre.

Some of the vehicles, it is claimed, travel at more than 30mph.

The resident said people wanted to know when the link road would be installed and if there would be weight and speed restrictions for Norwood Road.

A spokesman for Cambs County Council said it was never promised the link road would be in place before the marshalling yards were finished.

Network Rail needed to start on the site quickly and the spokesman said there was no way a link road could be installed in such a short space of time.

The spokesman said the county council was currently involved in detailed negotiations regarding the land for the first phase.

"It is a priority for us and we want to deliver it as soon as possible," he said.

There is a second phase of the road which would eventually take it to Elm Road.

The county council has no plans for traffic calming in Norwood Road but said new signs will be going up for the link road and other roads.

Speed humps and road 'build outs' would be detrimental to residents because of noise and would also make it difficult for buses using the road, said the spokesman.

He added Norwood bridge had a weight restriction in place to prevent heavy vehicles using it.