A rink in Fenland would open up a world of opportunities

I am writing in response to D Bright's letter "How about an ice rink at Hippodrome?" (Public Platform, May 21).

Having been a spectator and ice hockey player at the rink in Peterborough for nearly 10 years now I would be fully behind any move to turn the March Hippodrome into an ice facility.

Currently fans and participants of a number of ice sports have to travel to Peterborough, or further to the likes of Milton Keynes or Nottingham, to pursue their interests.

A rink in Fenland would open up a world of opportunities for current enthusiasts, as well as other sports fans, and provide further leisure activities in the area – such as skating and curling, as well as the possibilities of holding other events, such as concerts.

Peterborough already houses two senior men's ice hockey teams, a women's team, junior sides from under 10 up to under 18 and no less than three recreational sides.

It's also home to the local USAF bases and Cambridge University hockey sides during the season.

A number of fans of the senior sides at Peterborough already travel from the Fenland area to support their team, as well as other members of the public using the rink for their own leisure activities.

Why can't March be the same? How long before the Fenland Flyers are the English Premier League champions?

A well run and maintained rink would be a boost to Fenland and to ice sports around the UK.


Colville Road,