Council ‘kiss and tell’ policy is ‘bonkers’

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I WOULD like to comment on the article in the Citizen (January 12) about Fenland Council’s new ‘kiss and tell’ policy.

Staff at Fenland Hall who have a personal relationship with a colleague will have to declare it to their manager in writing under the new policy.

I think this new ‘Big Brother’ policy seems to have been taken straight out of George Orwell’s book “1984”.

With major cuts in the grant from central government, I would have thought the Conservative administration at Fenland Hall would have better things to spend their time on.

Our Conservative administration should be looking for areas of waste that can be cut at Fenland Hall in order that all council jobs and services are protected.

One area to cut is the company cars to senior officers. Another would be to share our Chief Executive with a neighbouring authority.

Fenland’s new ‘kiss and tell’ policy will turn the Human Resources department at Fenland Hall into a combination of relationship counsellor and agony aunt.

Many people start their lifelong relationship at work. It would be a pity if staff at Fenland Hall have to consult Human Resources before ‘making a move’ on a colleague.

Relationships between people at work should remain private. Fenland Council’s ‘kiss and tell’ policy is clearly bonkers.


Kingsley Avenue