High streets could disappear

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I ECHO the comments made by Reg Wenn in his letter (Citizen January 25) and similar comments in the front page article (Citizen January 18), concerning the planned supermarket in Fenland Way, Chatteris.

I have written letters to the Citizen in similar vein and attended Fenland Council planning meetings during the process.

Indeed, Councillor Murphy spoke in opposition to the planning application at one of these meetings, citing a number of points against the application.

Oh, how politicians change their tune. Wake up councillor Murphy. As town Mayor, a Fenland councillor and portfolio holder for environment and street scene, you should be protecting the town, its facilities and its history.

Instead, you stick your head in the sand, saying “Time would tell”.

Who do you represent in your roles as a local politician?

During the planning process, councillors and development company representatives were asked many times by the public to identity the supermarket chain behind the application.

How is it that everyone knew it was to be Tesco except for the councillors?

To those who either care little for the town or, for other motives, have supported the application for a supermarket on the edge of Chatteris, I say this: There will come a time when there aren’t High Street shopping areas any more, because supermarkets have driven them out of business and stolen their niche markets.

Then they will hold the whip hand in product pricing and you will have no say or control in any of those decisions.