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WITH respect to Pam Thompson’s views on eco-energy.

I would point out it is clear to my “tunnel vision” anyway that various forms of producing energy exist, the most constant and reliable in many countries nowadays derived from nuclear source.

Other energy-related forms are wave power and solar power largely in the course of experimentation. Currently proved systems are powered by coal and gas, generally very reliable. Wind power is the most unreliable and counter productive of all.

An increasing number of counties rely on nuclear energy, the power rate constant, direct and reliable and just a few low profile plants are required against thousands of wind turbines and their proven disadvantages.

No. I would not want to live near a wind farm but considering the ultra safe measures incorporated into the complexities of nuclear state-of-the-art generating plants, which are based on the technological experience of past decades and vastly improved servicing techniques in force, I would not be over concerned at living near one.

Coal-fired and gas-fired energy plants continue to serve us well, the former with a hundred year history, and there is enough coal for 200 years obtainable in Britain alone.

On-going revolutionary systems filtering emissions apply and, best of all, with coal geared to new technology we would not have to rely on fossil fuel derived from foreign sources and political bearing.

In these times we all have to live with radiation at various levels. Medical science uses it; it is present in our homes - television and microwaves. How many people have their microwave serviced every year? Microwaves are like miniature nuclear generating plants but without the enforced safety levels.

In industry, controlled radiation source is prolifically used and we have reached the stage where it is abundantly necessary. It cannot be reversed.

I suppose in the next generation there will be rapid progress in generating power in all kinds of ways.

Right now, though, we are in no way able to discontinue harnessing nuclear energy unless in the not to distant future we want to see the lights go out and factories close.