Petrol prices

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WHILE travelling through King’s Lynn I noticed that Tescos was selling unleaded petrol at £1.31 a litre. Yet this same company is charging £1.35 a litre for unleaded at its Wisbech store.

Now I don’t know how many litres of fuel a petrol tanker can deliver. I would imagine several thousands. And I cannot believe that is costs 4p a litre more to deliver to Wisbech, than deliver to King’s Lynn.

Can someone explain why the price differential? Mind you at least Tescos are ‘only’ charging £1.35 a litre, as I noticed the BP garage in Wisbech is charging at £1.37 per litre.

Is this a case of Wisbech being ‘ripped off’? Do the petrol stations here make a huge profit or is the plan that no one buys petrol in Wisbech and we lose even more of the services here?


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