Reader letter: Armed Forces day explained

Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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We would like to try and explain the confusion about Armed Forces Day highlighted in your letters page, Citizen July 10.

Armed Forces Day is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of June. Because of the availability of locations and personnel it has been stretched to the cover the whole of the last weekend of June annually. However, because much of the armed forces are either off duty, away from their units or attending local events, activities can begin the weekend before the official date with celebratory/commemorative events taking place as well as the Armed Forces Day flag being flown over public buildings for the whole week during the run up to the official day.

In Wisbech, the Armed Forces Day event is held on what can be called Armed Forces Sunday because Saturday is market day and the venue is not available. This year, because of availability of personnel and equipment to us, we could not hold it in the Market Place on our preferred day of Sunday June 29th but had to organise it for the first Sunday June 23rd. The date was publicised both in the Citizen as well as locations about town.

The Armed Forces Day Flag was initially produced and sold with the date of June 27 printed on it, simply because the actual day fell on that date that year. The MOD and the flag suppliers quickly realised that appointed date the would be moveable and for subsequent years, produced the flag with no date. It is this flag that is flown over Wisbech Council Chambers, Fenland Hall and on the flagpole at the Wisbech Armed Forces day celebrations.

The Wisbech event this year was well attended by local veterans but we feel that a number of local veterans are not coming forward to accept the respect from the Town that they have earned. We would like to invite them to future events.

Ray and Jan Hutchinson

Part of the organisation team for the Wisbech Event