Reader Letter: Clean it up

rubbish in scrimshire's passage wisbech
rubbish in scrimshire's passage wisbech
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As a resident of Wisbech and owner of commercial premises in Scrimshire’s Passage in Wisbech, I would like to bring to the attention of the council the ongoing problem of rubbish in the area. The picture (above) shows what we had to walk by when we walked through the Passage on a recent Sunday afternoon. This is not an isolated incident, frequently we have to make phone calls to environmental health to try to get the problem sorted. We read about people getting fined for putting their bins out too early, why then are the offending bins allowed to remain in that position permanently even if all the rubbish is contained inside the bin? There is still the smell which people have to endure when walking past. We have people in this town trying to promote Wisbech, to give it a better image and generate more business. Maybe we cannot stop shops closing through lack of people visiting our ghost town centre, but here we have a problem that we can do something about, Clean it up.

Tony Faulkner