Readers’ View: Welney road closure

I thought you would be interested in more information relating to your article in the Citizen January 16, “Outrage over Welney Road”.

On Sunday 13th, the ‘A1101 Road Closure’ sign at Lotts Bridge, Three Holes, was still open (indicating the A1101 at Welney was closed). This was closed up sometime on Monday.

On Monday 14th, the same closure signs on the A1101 opposite B&Q, and on the A47 from King’s Lynn approaching the Elme Hall roundabout were still open.

I reported this to Norfolk County Council Highways via a parish council clerk. On Wednesday 16th, the same signs were still open so I reported them again, and also sent an email to a county councillor.

After all the years that these signs have been in place, and the A1101 at Welney has been flooding, Norfolk Highways are still inefficient and unable to carry out such a simple task, given the importance of this road closure to those who need to use the A1101. They should have this exercise off to a fine art by now. Given the weather conditions this past week, I would have thought an unnecessary 20 plus mile diversion to the unaware driver would not be welcomed.

Your article states that “Norfolk County Council were out quickly to remove the closure signs at Welney”. Obviously that’s as far as they got!

Citizen reader

Details supplied