Some of your letters about the toilet issue

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REGARDING the toilets. How can they even consider closing either Wisbech park or St Peter’s toilets?

If you’re in the park with your family how can you be expected to ask a child to wait while you take them into town?

Just as important, if you’re in town are you supposed to carry everything across to the park with you? What about Rose Fair? How can we invite people to our town if they have to cross their legs?

Asking shopkeepers to allow the public to use their facilities is wrong. Why should they have to cover the additional cleaning costs when they are struggling to stay open?

If they charge or insist on you buying something before you can use them, can you imagine a mother with a buggy and children in tow wanting to pay?

The alleyways and passages will become the place to relieve the need and end up costing the council for cleaning so why don’t they leave things alone?

We are losing the courthouse, may be cutting our fire service, our police station is part-time, the driving test centre and now the toilets. With all the empty shops and farcical parking situation that no-one can resolve, why don’t we close Wisbech entirely?