Walking with your eyes closed?

DOES the Wisbech businessman (Citizen February 29) walk round the town with his eyes closed?

I am a shop worker in the town and I see on a daily basis a lot more than he does. I’ve seen Eastern Europeans urinating up the side of a grave in the church gardens, some walk around spitting, I’ve even had some spitting into a bin in my shop.

When questioned they replied “bin”. Most of them do travel in groups of three or more, hanging around outside different premises. As for English people who move abroad. They are not entitled to all the benefits people get here until they’ve paid a considerable amount into the system.

They also wouldn’t get away with what people do anywhere else as the police are a lot less tolerant.

None off the English public here are to blame either for, as the letter writer puts it, letting our beautiful buildings decay, the closing of toilets or excessive rates leaving shops and homes empty.

I’ve yet to find a home empty, having myself been on the waiting list for a council/housing association property for the last three years.