One-two for Sensas squad

John Bates
John Bates
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It was a great weekend for the Sensas Mark One squad as they comfortably made it a one-two at the top of the leader board in the King of the Fens four match series.

They had a slight scare on the last match fished on the Middle Level Drain which saw Maver Image take team honours on the day, but with team man John Bates way out in front in the individual stakes nothing could stop the celebrations. John drew peg 42 and caught bream and skimmers for 30lb 12oz, all taken on a feeder approach.

Match winners: 1 John Bates (Sensas Mark 1 White) 30lb 12oz, 2 Dan Jones (Maver Image) 19lb 13oz, 3 Alan Lemmon (Sensas Mark 1 Black) 17lb 15oz, 4 Pete Vasey (Maver Image) 17lb 14oz, 5 Paul Spriggs (Sensas M1 Black) 17lb 5oz. Teams on day: 1 Maver Image 50 points, 2 Sensas M 1 Black 49, 3 Sensas M1 White 46, 4 Stanjay Silver 43, 5 Stanjay Gold 42, 6 Preston Black Horse 36. Overall: 1 SM1 White 8 points, 2 SM1 Black 9, 3 Maver I 12, 4 Stanjay G 17, 5 Preston BH 20, 6 Stanjay S 24. Individual winners league overall: 1 J Bates 37 points, 2 Josh Pace (SM1 White) 36 54lb 11oz, 3 Martin Foster (Maver I) 36 50lb 10oz.