Duo secure win double

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Wisbech Swimming Club’s Junior Fenland team returned to action after the summer break in the 5th round of the competition hosted by Cambridge on Saturday.

Cree Howlett and Liam Carey both produced double wins, Cree in the 13/u Backstroke and 13/u Breaststroke (both personal best times) also breaking the cut-off time in the Backstroke.

Liam came first in the 13/u Breaststroke setting a new PB time and beating the cut-off time in the 13/u Butterfly. Robson Pack, Tom Locke, Jack Lane, Grace Cherry and Emily Kelly produced the other wins.

Lucy Marriott and Georgia Oliver made their debuts with Lucy improving her time by 5 seconds in the 13/under 100m Individual Medley and Georgia by nearly 2 seconds in the 11/u 50m Freestyle. Molly Thomas, asked to swim at the very last minute in only her third gala, produced three PB times.

As well as nine first places, 19 PB times were set and the team narrowly missed third place by two points.

Full results: Cambridge 178, Peterborough A 160, Ely 107, Wisbech 105, First Strokes 86,

1st - Robson Pack 12/u 100m Ind/Medley pb, Cree Howlett 13/u Backstroke pb, 13/u Breaststroke pb, Tom Locke 10/u Breaststroke pb, Jack Lane11/u Butterfly pb, Liam Carey13/u Breaststroke pb, 13/u Butterfly, Grace Cherry13/u Butterfly pb, Emily Kelly11/u Breaststroke,

2nd - Emily Kelly 11/u Butterfly, Georgia Oliver11/u Freestyle pb, Jack Lane9yrs Breaststroke pb,

3rd - Kayley Hawes10/u Backstroke, Jack Lane11/u Backstroke, Emily Kelly11/u Backstroke,

4th - William McKay13/u Backstroke, Lorimer Thomas 12/u Freestyle, 12/u Breaststroke, James Dobler 10/u Backstroke, 10/u Freestyle pb, Robson Pack 12/u Backstroke, Remi Clare 12/u Backstroke, Kayley Hawes10/u Freestyle pb, Charles Locke 13/u Freestyle, 13/u 100m Ind/Medley, Lucy Marriott 13/u Freestyle, Tom Locke 10/u Butterfly pb, Tom Hewitt 12/u Butterfly,

5th - Alice Dennis12/u 100m Ind/Medley, 12/u Freestyle, 12/u Butterfly, Molly Thomas9yrs Freestyle pb, 9yrs Breaststroke pb, 9yrs Backstroke pb, Rio Howlett 10/u Breaststroke, 10/u Butterfly pb, Tom Locke11/u Freestyle, Remi Clare 12/u Breaststroke pb, James Dobler11/u Breaststroke, Lucy Marriott 13/u 100m Ind/Medley pb, 8x25m Squadron Relay James Dobler, Kayley Hawes, Tom Locke, Georgia Oliver, Tom Hewitt, Alice Dennis, William McKay, Cree Howlett.