Heavy loss

Following their great start of three wins in the Eversley competition and having beaten Norfolk previously in the Eversley, North Cambs EBF lost to Norfolk in their second Derbyshire Trophy competition of the indoor season by 82-187 shots, 2-20 points.

Home, WIBC: F Howard, J Ivatt, I Lawson 16, Norfolk 24; E Clarke, C Waterson, N Eagle 22, Norfolk 19; B Plater, D Dawson, J Fox 8, Norfolk 43.

Away, Acle IBC: D Stanton, E Dilnot, R Allen 11, Norfolk 32; J Chambers, D Bailey, D Turner 11, Norfolk 41; R Croxford, S Engledow, R Jackson 13, Norfolk 28.

North Cambs’ next game is Saturday, March 17: Derbyshire v Lincs at WIBC and Lincoln IBC.