Students attend seminar

A MARTIAL arts seminar was held last weekend at Wisbech’s Hudson Leisure Centre by Sensei Kevin Leigh (5th Dan), a senior instructor from SKIFF UK.

This is the UK Kanazawa association which is the foremost Shotokan Karate Association in the world. Sensei Leigh has trained under the guidance of the Shotokan legend Hirokazu Kanazawa for more than 30 years and is one of the country’s leading instructors.

The session was attended by 60 students and covered detailed technical work on basic Kion and Ippon Kumite, as well as some advanced Jyu Ippon Kumite.

Six guest students came from East Coast Shotokan Norwich suppored by Sensei Ivor Garner, also a 5th Dan.

Sensei Garner has a long history training under such great masters like Kanazawa, Enoeda, and Asarno Senseis.

More sessions are planned for the future. The day was finished with a disco presentation night at Leverington.

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