Fun to make brains ache

SCIENCE can be a whole lot of fun, as young children from the Waterlees area of Wisbech discovered this week.

Fizzy drinks, sweets, custard and colouring pens were among the everyday items employed in a series of educational experiments carried out in the garden at Fenland District Council’s Community House in Southwell Road on Monday.

They were used to demonstrate a range of scientific principles, including propulsion, centrifugal force, friction, gravity and surface area tension.

It was all part of Brain Ache, one of a number of events that have been organised there by FDC and other partner organisations over the summer holidays. Other activities have included Wii and garden games and craft sessions.

Next week sees a play session for under-9s on Tuesday (10.30am-12.30pm) and a live music performance by the Jammin’ Project on Wednesday evening (6-9pm). Entry for both is free. There is another session for under-9s at the Spinney on, Waterlees Road on Thursday (10.30am-12.30pm).

Community House has also been open for IT sessions throughout the holidays.

For more details, call Community House on 01945 580309.