Great outdoors debate

The forest.
The forest.
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The Ramblers is calling for everyone to have their say in the great outdoors debate.

Thousands of people have already raised their concerns for the future of the outdoors. There have been calls for better public transport, a well maintained network of paths, calls to shout more about the health benefits of outdoor activity, and for safer streets in towns and cities.

People also have concerns about pollution and climate change, and the impact of development on future enjoyment of the outdoors. These are just some of the comments pouring in as part of the big debate, but are these the issues that matter to you? There is still one month left to share your view.

‘Go all out’ aims to encourage people to take part in a big conversation across the country and share what they think makes the great outdoors great, and how the Ramblers can help keep it that way. Over the past month, Ramblers volunteers have been visiting gear shops, pubs and parks, hilltops, paths and beaches, to seek out people’s views on the future of the outdoors.

The Ramblers are encouraging everyone who is passionate about the outdoors to take part in their online survey or download a discussion kit to have their own debate with family and friends on their concerns for the future of the outdoors.

Chief Executive Benedict Southworth said: “It’s great to get this conversation started and hear how deeply people care for the outdoors. The outdoors environment is facing some serious challenges and we want to make sure we’re ready to protect what people care most about. We want everyone to have their say so we can take action and help protect the great outdoors for future generations of walkers.”

There is still time to join the Great Outdoors Debate. You can complete an online survey or even kick off a discussion of your own. The deadline for taking part is 31 October.

Get involved at or tweet us @RamblersGB using the hashtag #GoAllOut