War time kitchen

war time kitchen
war time kitchen
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If you visit the National Trust’s Peckover House in Wisbech this summer, you may find Stacey Evans busy in her war time kitchen.

Throughout the summer, Stacey will be giving the kitchen at the North Brink property a 1940s war time theme, complete with costume, gas mask, rations and recipes from the time.

Visitors on certain days may find her busy cooking, making herb and flower posies or potting jam.

“Having worked with a Victorian theme last season, I decided to research and represent the final decade in which there were members of the Peckover family living in the house,” said Stacey, who will be working with 1940s music from her vintage radio playing in the background,

“I would love people to come downstairs and feel that they have walked right back into a war time kitchen.”

Stacey will be in her kitchen on selected Mondays and Sundays from now until October.

For more information call Peckover House on 01945-583463.