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A MARCH dad has hit out at Fenland Council for not being told his daughter’s swimming lesson had been changed.

Five year-old Amy Hall was left disappointed when she turned up for her regular lesson at March’s George Campbell pool on Saturday September 10 to find there was no longer a class for her ability and the lesson for her was now an hour later.

Dad Steven Hall said his daughter had been attending the lessons at 9am for almost a year.

“I went to speak to the staff at reception who were obviously not to blame. I was told that my daughter’s lesson time had changed, yet after paying £21 per month via direct debit, they hadn’t the decency to inform me of the change prior to us arriving,” he told the Citizen.

“A simple phone call or even a letter would have been quite sufficient. We are unable to change the time of the lessons due to other commitments. I asked them to refund the month’s money and cancel the direct debit, they then informed me I was tied in for a year. This was something I wasn’t aware of.”

The council has apologised for the lack of contact beforehand and has clarified the situation on payment.

A council spokesman said: “We apologise to Mr Hall and Amy for our failure to contact him in advance about the change of time for Amy’s class. This was an oversight on our part. We hope very much that Amy will be able to attend at the new time. If not, Mr Hall can, of course, cancel his direct debit at no charge and we will refund him the cost of any classes that Amy has missed.”

Amy’s class has been moved to 10am on Saturday and Mr Hall is hoping to be able to get her to the swimming sessions.