£101million reasons to smile

Euro Millions lottery winners of �101 million from Wisbech 'Dave Dawes and Angela Dawes
Euro Millions lottery winners of �101 million from Wisbech 'Dave Dawes and Angela Dawes
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LOTTO winners Dave and Angela Dawes are celebrating scooping the country’s third largest jackpot in the EuroMillions by making up to 20 friends and family millionaires too.

The couple from Wisbech had a £101million reasons to smile after scooping the jackpot in Friday’s draw as they faced the World’s media at a press conference at which Citizen reporter Sarah Cliss and photographer Adam Fairbrother were the only local press representatives this afternoon (Tuesday).

Dave (47), a shift supervisor for Premier Foods, and his fiancee Angela a volunteer at the town’s British Heart Foundation shop said they had a sleepless night after watching their numbers: 18, 26, 34, 38, 42 and Lucky Star numbers 5 and 8 come out in the draw.

Grinning from ear to ear, he admitted he was unable to stop smiling after they realised they had in fact scooped the whopping £101,203,600.70 top prize - and had the only winning ticket.

“We were flicking through the channels and noticed there was just a few minutes until the EuroMillions draw and so we watched with Angela holding the ticket,” said Dave.

After seeing their numbers come out the couple checked, and rechecked their ticket throughout the night because they couldn’t believe their luck.

And Dave also made sure the ticket stayed safe by keeping it in his jeans and locking all the doors and windows at their flat.

“Neither or us could sleep, we just sat up checking the ticket. I kept thinking something would go wrong,” said Angela, who was visibly shaking as she and Dave took to the stage for the press conference.

The couple bought their ticket from WH Smith on Wisbech Market Place with each choosing a line. It was their third attempt to win the EuroMillions.

“I chose the numbers the first time, and didn’t get one and got into trouble. So next time Ange chose the numbers, but she didn’t get one either,” explained Dave a massive Chelsea fan, who took his collection of 60 football shirts with him to the hotel in Hertfordshire for the press conference.

They had chosen a line each for Friday night’s draw with Angela “moaning” about the length of time it took Dave to make his pick.

“I put down 18 - I always put that number down first as it is my eldest son’s birthday,” explained Dave, who then randomly chose the rest. Angela said not one of her own numbers came out.

Dave said they had made the decision to go public on their massive win so that they can “get on with their lives” and also to help those friends and family who will become overnight millionaires to live their lives too.

“There are 15 to 20 people we are going to make millionaires, we want to help those who have helped us through our life,” said Dave.

Dave, who announced he had officially retired from his warehouse job after phoning in sick before his Sunday shift, explained it would make things easier for everyone by coming out about the win.

Now the couple plan to swap their one-bedroomed Wisbech flat for a swanky mansion in Chelsea so that Dave is close to his beloved football team.

And the home will have a whole room dedicated to Chelsea - although Dave laughingly told journalists he would not be having any say on the colour scheme.

They are also planning to buy a home in Portugal so they can spend more time with Angela’s parents who live out there.

Also on the shopping list is a new engagement ring for Angela.

She has no idea exactly what the ring would be like, but admitted it would definitely be huge and would cost a lot, lot more than £800 ring she has been wearing, which the couple bought from H Samuel jewellers in Wisbech.

Angela’s dad, who cannot drive, has put in a request of his own for a Rolls Royce.

“He doesn’t want just any Rolls Royce - he wants a 1927 Silver Ghost in blue, which he will be able to polish,” explained Angela.

The couple also hope to get involved in charity work and said children’s charities will be among those benefiting from their good fortune.

Angela, a former taxi driver, also hopes to get involved personally with working for charity.

Dave, who has worked at Premier Foods for 10 years, expects to spend more time watching Chelsea play.

He has already looked at homes in the prestige London suburb and jokingly said he had ruled out one £13 million property as it was in need of refurbishment.

The couple were coy about their immediate plans, but said they would be preparing for their wedding next June.

They had already set the date but now the marriage, set to take place in Portugal, will be a much more lavish and “glamorous” affair.

But one thing the pair, who are now on the National Lottery Rich List, will not be doing it playing the lottery again.

“We will definitely not be doing the lottery again. I do think it would be a bit crude to find I have won again. It was third time lucky and I think that is where we are going to stick,” said Dave.