A nation of bad manners? Most annoying thing about neighbours revealed

The disappearance of good manners tops a recent survey on good neighbours carried out on behalf of one of Scotland’s leading home improvement companies.

Topping the list of things people dislike most about their neighbours centralscotlandjoinery.co.uk found is a lack of contact, even when you’ve made the effort to build up a relationship.

Other annoyances include loud children, noisy DIY and inconsiderate parking. On the other side of the coin, our survey found that they valued friendly neighbours who kept their home and garden tidy,showing consideration for those about them.

“It just goes to show how fragmented neighbourhoods have become these days,” said Khalid Khames Marketing Manager at centralscotlandjoinery.co.uk

“We’ve all experienced people who you’ve lived close to for years, but don’t even know their names because the majority of us act like ships passing in the night.

“It’s sad more than anything else, because lives are made richer from having good neighbours.”

The survey found that rude neighbours were just one of many bugbears about people living nearby:

1. Rude neighbours

2. Annoying children

3. Dog mess

4. Loud music

5. Messy gardens

6. Inconsiderate parking

7. Loud DIY

8. Border disputes

9. Leaving the bin out

10. ‘Twitching curtains’

The top five of good neighbourliness found that people appreciate friendly people who looked after their home and local area:

1. Friendly neighbours

2. Tidy gardens

3. Community spirit

4. Willing to share

5. Well-maintained home

“With jobs right across Scotland, we see many different houses in avariety of neighbourhoods, these results really aren’t thatunexpected to us,” said Khaild.

“The problem is that we’re too busy watching TV or talking on mobilephones or the internet to talk to our neighbours these days,” said Khaild, “but it doesn’t take too much of an effort to change that.”