A1101 is featured on television

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THE A1101 at Wisbech is being featured in a television programme starting on November 14 about horror roads.

Called ‘Britain’s Killer Roads’ the programme is being screened on BBC2 at 1.30pm.

It focuses on black spots and follows campaigns to improve the roads. A spokesperson for the BBC said: “As we travel each road, we tell the unfolding human stories behind the accidents, using news reports, gripping first-hand testimony and police accounts.

“We find out where the danger hot spots are and why those killer roads have experienced a record number of accidents.”

This series is not just about the devastation caused by black spots. It hears how changes that have happened on some notorious routes, often motivated by powerful campaigns by local people, have saved numerous lives and inestimable amounts of grief.”

Campaigners successfully fought for improvements to Gypsy Bends and some of the leading people in the local campaign are featured.