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A47 diversion will lead to trouble

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Have the Highways Agency learned nothing from their past mistakes?

The forthcoming A47 diversion will once again see heavy traffic rattling at speed through the relatively quieter and considerably narrower streets of Coldham, Friday Bridge and Elm – a far shorter route than the official diversion, which will, of course, be ignored just as it was 10 years ago.

Since last time two traffic calming chicanes have been installed in Friday Bridge due to excessive speeds (which still occur) making the route even more unsuitable and dangerous under heavy traffic conditions. Will the authorities prevent lorries and other unsuitable vehicles taking this route? I seriously doubt it.

Jack Cannon,



Problems with your Economy 7?

Economy 7 is supposed to provide cheap electricity for 7 hours at night, mainly for storage heaters, but also for washing machines and immersion heaters when they are used at night.

However, I have found, with four different suppliers and two different accounts, that they often get the day and night meter readings the wrong way round, so that we have been charged the high rate for the night units.

The situation is that many of the meters in East Anglia have Rate 2 as the day rate, and Rate 1 as the night rate, but in the rest of the country it is the other way round. I have resolved these individual cases by giving the electricity suppliers two readings on the same day, but they do not seem to have resolved the underlying problem, namely that the people putting the information into the billing system do not know which is day and which is night.

I would be interested to know of any other readers with Economy 7 who have had similar problems. I have reason to believe this happens frequently, because E-on have a complete Transpose Team.

Richard Welford,



Legalise it?

The cannabis ‘factory’ found at the £1 million mansion in March shows that since the disastrous 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, outright prohibition has created near endless revenue streams to criminals.

In 2009 the former presidents of Colombia, Brazil and Mexico declared that the war on drugs was a ‘complete failure’ and called for a new strategy based on ‘public health’.

The current Uruguayan equivalent has advocated the production and sale of marijuana under a state monopoly.

It’s been a year since Colorado became the first state in the US to legalise marijuana.

The state has collected $60 million in tax revenue from sales of the drug meanwhile, $4 million of which has been plugged back into Denver through new programmes brought in by its mayor.

Colorado’s unprecedented move led to Washington, Alaska and Oregon voting for legalisation, and last month a bill was filed to legalise it in New York.

Perhaps there’s a lesson here for the UK?

John Smithee,



‘Wow’ factor

A ‘Wow a day’ is what they say is needed to make you smile.

Quite often, as you drive along, an owl will fly up and ‘wow’ you or you may see a swan land or take off – again a ‘wow’ moment.

Unfortunately, people seldom wow us. However, on Thursday evening, having returned from London, I decided to go home with a take-away.

Walking into the Taste of China in Station Road, March, I was greeted by a young man, in a crisp white shirt, bow tie and pressed black trousers.

He was by far one of the smartest and certainly politest young men I’ve recently had the privilege to meet.

He was cleary new to his job, as he faltered through my order, but he politely apologised at every mistake.

Soon help arrived with a young Chinese lady (his manager or proprietor), dutifully supporting him in an equally polite and understanding way.

Meal ready, the young man said to me: “Your dinner is ready, sir.”

I now only hoped the meal was as good as the experience? It was.

Well done Taste of China, well done young man and well done his Mum and Dad. Wow!!

David Hutler,

Friday Bridge.

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