Action call on ‘death trap’ road

MP Steve Barclay with campaigner Ruth Minter
MP Steve Barclay with campaigner Ruth Minter
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Fenland MP Steve Barclay has branded parts of a village road a “potential death-trap” and is backing local residents’ concerns by launching a campaign for a new footpath and road safety measures.

Mr Barclay was approached by residents concerned at the lack of protection for pedestrians and cyclists on the 60 mph Hannath Road at Tydd St Giles, which includes sharp bends with poor visibility.

In the last 10 months, two vehicles have crashed through fencing at Ruth Minter’s property where there is a blind spot on a corner outside.

Mr Barclay said: “I walk on this stretch of road myself with our two young children in a pram and it is a real concern. There is no pavement, no cycle path, no street lighting, no signage and poor visibility, yet the speed limit is higher at 60 mph than the A1101 which is a main road with a 50 mph limit.

“I am campaigning for a review of the options for improvements to this area. In particular, we need a footpath so that residents are not forced to walk in the road, which risks motorists swerving on the sharp bends and hitting any vehicle coming the other way.”

Resident Ruth raised the issue of dangerous blind turns and the 60 mph limit with Cambs County Council in November 2010 and has now enlisted the help of Mr Barclay.

Said Ruth: “It is absurd that it is 60 mph going round what a blind bend on what is not a full width road, where cars can pass through with caution but at full speed. You would expect cars to slow down when they cannot see around the bend but they don’t. To suggest we should simply wait for an accident before acting does not make sense.”

Mr Barclays plans to meet with officials to raise the concerns and highlight road safety issues.