Advice from fire service

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WITH the warm weather we have been experiencing and more on the way as we go into summer, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue are urging everyone to think about potential fire risks outside.

There is always an increase in outdoor fires during the summer months. Last year in Fenland, the number of fires almost doubled between June and July, with 37 incidents in June and 65 in July.

Martin Ockenden is the Risk Manager for Fenland District, in addition to being Station Manager based at Kimbolton.

He said: “Trends indicate that we have got an increase in outdoor fires. Discarded cigarettes in particular can cause us some real issues.”

Mr Ockenden is hoping that by making people aware of potential fire risks, the number of incidents will drop.

Advice includes basic things such as making sure cigarettes are properly extinguished and not having bonfires close to fences or vegetation. If you have gas cylinders, such as for a barbecue, limit the number.

Keep sheds and garages tidy, as they could be targeted by arsonists. Wheelie bins are also a target, so only put them out on the day of collection.

Summer is a good time to check your home security. An effective barrier, like a fence, can deter a would-be arsonist.

And remember, if you see a fire, call 999, no matter how small it is.