Albino swallow

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CITIZEN reader Reg Wenn, of Chatteris, sent in this picture of an Albino Swallow he spotted on a few occasions.

It was seen at Acre Fen last summer but didn’t stay long enough for Reg to get a picture.

Said Reg: “By way of the Internet I found more about this strange bird, they do not have a very good chance of survival after fleeing the nest, other birds attack this white bird - either driving it away or killing it.

“Early May 2012, there was another sighting of a white bird on a telephone wire with other swallows, it soon attracted many other birds again it was driven off before a picture could be taken.

“On August 11 a young white bird was spotted in a swallow’s nest in one of the hen huts. It was with three other ordinary swallows. At last we could watch it being fed as well as getting a picture of this unique bird. We kept a close watch on this nest - as the bird grew we took pictures at three day intervals.

“The last picture we took was August 20. The following morning when going into the shed the white swallow and the other three normal swallows flew at speed, they went to a spinney about 200 yards away. Sadly, we have not seen it since.”

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