Alcohol licence for Savers store?

THE Licensing Committee at Fenland Council is due to discuss an application on Tuesday by health and beauty store Savers to sell alcohol.

The application for the Market Place store is to sell alcohol from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 6pm on Sunday.

Sgt Dave Bax from Cambs Police has objected to the application, as have two local residents.

Sgt Bax said: “The police became aware that an application for this premise to sell alcohol was likely and was concerned that the business seems to be moving into the world of off-licence sales.

“The town centre of Wisbech already has 26 off-licensed premises within a 1.5 mile square mile area, with a number of other premises having on licences, with the ability to sell off the premise.

“The questions the police are concerned with is why does the area need any more off-licensed premises and why does a company such as this wish to move its business to incorporate the sale of alcohol.”

There is already a problem with people purchasing alcohol in the town centre which Sge Bax said is “fuelled by the concentration of off and on sales of alcohol to a point where we have reached saturation”.

The interested parties echoed Sgt Bax’s comments, questioning the need for another outlet in the town centre selling alcohol.