Alisa Dmitrijeva: ‘Tragic and troubling case’ says coroner

Alisa Dmitrijeva Grave Stone ENGANL00120130828115059
Alisa Dmitrijeva Grave Stone ENGANL00120130828115059
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The assistant coroner gave a narrative verdict in the “tragic, sad and troubling case” of 17-year-old Alisa Dmitrijeva’s death.

David Osborne said without a cause of death he was compelled to rule out unlawful killing as a verdict and that an open verdict would not be appropriate. He said an inquest was limited to finding out how a person died.

Alisa, who lived in Wisbech, was last seen alive in Lynn on August 31 but her partially clothed body had been discovered in a copse, known as French’s Covert Belt, near Anmer, on January 1, 2012.

Mr Osborne told the inquest that witnesses Robertas Lukosius, 34, and Lauras Boiko, 30, were not attending and that their current whereabouts is “unknown”.

He said police had attended addresses for the two which were provided by the Department for Work and Pensions but they had moved on.

In giving his narrative verdict Mr Osborne said: “It is likely her body had been where it was found for between one to four months. Unfortunately it has not been possible to determine a cause of death or whether Alisa died at the scene where she was found or else where.

“The circumstances in which her body was found indicate third party involvement that is to say she was deliberately placed there.”

The inquest heard that Alisa was last seen alive in Friars Street, Lynn, on the night of August 30 and early hours of August 31 when the Lexus she was travelling in with Mr Lukosius and Mr Boiko was stopped by police.

A statement was also read by Mr Osborne which stated how Alisa’s body was found in the woodland by a father and son on a family bike ride.