Anger after boat is stolen from ‘secure’ river mooring

A Wisbech boat owner is warning others to be on their guard after their brand new fishing vessel was stolen and damaged before being found drifting downstream from Wisbech.

The owner, who does not want to be named, is also furious that thieves managed to steal the Quick Silver 640 fishing boat from out of Wisbech Yacht Harbour on Wednesday night without being spotted by CCTV camera operators, and in sight of the town’s police station.

She has now removed her boat from the harbour claiming Fenland Council has not lived up to its promise of providing a secure mooring.

“We pay £100s a year to moor our boat in the harbour, and we were told it was secure, but obviously it is not. Someone managed to still our boat from out of the harbour and punt it down the river, passing at least three or four CCTV cameras without anyone noticing,” said the woman, who believes the boat was specifically targeted.

“It was not a spur of the moment thing. They had set up a platform further down the river where they had tried to remove the outboard motor, but were obviously disturbed before they could get it off,” she added.

But a spokesman for Fenland Council said: “The harbour is extremely secure and has an excellent track record in maintaining that. However, we cannot guarantee to prevent access in all circumstances. It is very possible that in this case the thieves may have gained access via the river itself, which obviously can’t be blocked off.

“Furthermore, while the CCTV operation does provide 24/7 cover, it can’t monitor each individual boat all the time. On top of that, the conditions on the night of the theft were atrocious - it was pitch dark and with very heavy rain, making it impossible for the CCTV cameras to capture clear images.”