Anger as terminally ill woman is evicted

Cancer sufferer is evicted from Elton House on Tinkers Drove.
Cancer sufferer is evicted from Elton House on Tinkers Drove.
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THERE was outrage at a block of Wisbech flats this week as a housing association evicted a woman who claims she is dying of cancer.

Forty-eight-year-old Vilma Korenova claims she was too ill to attend a court hearing where Nene Accent were seeking a possession order on September 12.

Consequently the court granted the application and on Monday a representative from the Peterborough-based housing association turned up at Elton House in Tinkers Drove to formally serve divorcee Mrs Korenova with notice to quit the second floor flat.

Slovakian-born Mrs Korenova said she has struggled to make ends meet since being taken ill and that she had hoped the court would take into account a letter from her GP outlining the seriousness of her condition.

She had previously worked at Del Monte in Wisbech for over three years and has lived in this country for five years.

She stopped working when she began to feel ill and was struggling to cope at work.

Speaking through her daughter Nina, Mrs Korenova said she had hoped to return to work after having a few months off to recuperate, but her condition had worsened. She has had major surgery to remove a tumour from her stomach and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She said her only hope now is for a bone marrow transplant.

Mrs Korenova’s English neighbours were outraged at her treatment and contacted the Citizen to express their disgust at the fact a dying woman was being forced out of her home, with no where else to go.

“I think it is disgusting, she is so ill - this is no way to treat someone who is dying. She is a lovely woman and has lived here for three years and has helped me in the past,” said one woman, who didn’t want to be named.

Mrs Korenova claimed she would be forced to sleep on a sofa at her daughter’s home for the foreseeable future.

A spokesman for Nene Accent said they were aware she was ill, but did not know it was terminal.

She said they had tried desperately hard to engage with Mrs Korenova and had been talking to her for many months in a bid to resolve the issue of outstanding rent since May last year.

The spokesman sympathised with Mrs Korenova’s plight but said they had done everything they could to resolve the issue and had sent documentation in Slovakian to ensure she understand exactly what the situation was.

She said at no point had Mrs Korenova or her family appealed the action being taken but promised they would look at offering support to help her find alternative accommodation.

And she emphasised that repossession of the property was absolutely the last resort.